Morihei Ueshiba
Founder of Aikido

Words of The Founder: "Heaven, Earth, and Man"
by Morihei Ueshiba, O-Sensei

Editor's Note: this was first published in the "Aikido", No. 4, 1981.

When we view it from the Truth of the Universe, Aikido has to be an ideal road of the natural. The "Ri" (principle) must be the base which gives coherence and reason to all things. If we were to analyze or breakdown the Ri as a scientist might, we can call the things that we find manifested on the physical surface ( omote ) "Ho”, [that is to say, a rule or method or law].

Aikido is one such Ho . It is one of the subtle laws of the heaven-sent truth of Takemusu Aiki (bu -generating Aiki). We can also call it the "Way of Accord between Heaven, Earth and Man," and therefore it can be described as the Way of reconciling the myriad essences and their multiple manifestations.

You must know that Aikido techniques are a Way of Misogi, [that is, of "ritual purification”] of the body and the spirit/mind ( kokoro) and a way of training. That fact is what makes us aware of the laws of the universe and that same fact is the core truth of the workings of the Universal

For these reasons once you have mastered this Aikido you will understand the Universal Rational and also come to a good understanding of your own self. For example, if you move a sword you put into that action your entire self and unite with the whole universe for that movement. In Aikido there is a subtle and mysteriously clever way of swordsmanship. In this Way of the Sword, if you can not completely perfect the fundamental morality your art will surely become that of the “Perverted Sword of Injustice and Wickedness" (ja-ken) . But just what is this fundamental morality of humanity?

It is keeping to the virtues of fidelity, honesty and exemplary behavior, charity of heart and faithfulness. It is to make truth, joy and beauty the foundation by which you protect and preserve them. Then, by making one's very best effort, to bring forth virtue. We must strive in the direction of becoming more and more wise and sharp of sensitivity. It is necessary to have an absolute and all encompassing sincerity in all things. In short we have to proceed toward the “Way of Accord” in the spirit of Love congealed of Love

In order to attain this sincere mind and foster it, we must start by overcoming ourselves!