Sugano Sensei: Weapons Seminar
  • Sugano Sensei: Weapons Seminar
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Aikido, Weapons Seminar with Sugano Sensei, June 2003, is a new film featuring Seiichi Sugano, 8th Dan, Instructor at The New York Aikikai and direct student of O-Sensei. The film documents Sugano Sensei's first post-surgery seminar, just a few months after his left foot and lower leg were amputated in 2003. He lectures informally, sharing with candid honesty his perspective on many subjects related to the practice of Aikido, including: the essence of training, weapons study, ukemi training, meditation, O-Sensei, the history of Aikido, and more. The film also includes bokken mat classes, which he taught during the seminar in 2003, along with video clips from previous weapons seminars at Woodstock Aikido.

And, as an added special feature, the dvd contains a meticulous transcription booklet of the film. Profits from the film will go to Sugano Sensei's Special Fund.


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